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Have you noticed? Flash is out; HTML5 is in. Adobe is down; Sketch is up. Banner ads are out; video is in. And that's not even touching on the obvious - it's all about that MOBILE!

You work hard. You are proud of all you do. You've built your business and perfected your services. You even put them online... a while ago. But today's online world is ever-evolving, ever-changing. Mobile browsing has surpassed desktop computing.

You have mastered your product and your services, but have you mastered the internet of things? Are you ready for an update? Looking for some insight?

We can help. We will learn about you and your products and services and listen to your needs. We can help you with all aspects digital. Call or send us a note now. Let's see what tomorrow will bring.

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Blue salt? That’s unusual. Yes, it is.

A rarity among salts due to it’s unique color which is in fact from salt crystals that have been highly compressed. Persian Blue has a confident taste, that gently enhances the flavour of all dishes.

Oozing sophistication and steeped in luxurious tradition, Persian Blue has always been sought after, and valued for it’s good looks and fine taste. A very rare breed of salt that is cautious at first, but delicious when tamed.

Blue salt is one of the rarest salts, that is known to mankind, and is extracted from a salt mine in the northern province of Semman in Iran. The intriguing blue colour occurs during the forming of the salt’s crystalline structure, as intense pressure is exerted on the salt deposits. The individual crystals fracture the light in an unusual way and the resulting blue becomes visible.

Persian Blue has an interesting quality, in that it initially comes over as a strong salt, but almost immediately becomes milder, leaving a subtle and pleasant after taste. Persian Blue is a beautiful salt that enhances all dishes. Delicious with fois gras, truffle dishes, seafood, and meat dishes.


Persian Blue Salt could be considered both sea salt and rock salt. One of the rarest salts on earth, it is harvested from the remnants of an ancient salt lake in Iran. The blue hue of the crystals is due to the immense compaction due to tectonic pressure more than 200 million years ago. The massive compression of the salt vein essentially warped the crystalline structure of the salt to the point that it refracts light differently.

But beware. Don’t mistake blue rock salt for the real thing. Some salt is dyed blue. Generally, that’s rock salt - the stuff you throw down to melt snow and ice, often not pure salt but mixed with chemicals. Rough and tumble, needed for extreme conditions, it does a great job clearing a safe and secure path forward. But don’t eat it!

So, what is your business looking for? Looking to spice it up, add a little flavor? Looking for sophistication, luxury, that rare breed, unique, formed under pressure, intense but subtle? Reach for Blue Salt … but no pressure.